Properties Object

Contains a collection of all the Property objects associated with a given Device, DeviceInfo, Filter, ImageFile, or Item object. See the Properties property on any of these objects for details about accessing the Properties object.

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the Properties object.

Method Description
Exists Indicates whether the specified Property exists in the collection.
Property Description
Count (Properties) Retrieves the number of members in the Properties collection.
Item (Properties) Retrieves the specified item in the Properties collection either by position or name.


Due to the dynamic nature of imaging devices, filters, and image files, the exact collection of Property objects can be very different. Further, Property objects are not guaranteed to be in any particular order from one instance of an object to the next.

The following sample shows how to enumerate all the properties on a selected device.

Dim dev 'As Device
Dim p 'As Property
Dim s 'As String

Set dev = CommonDialog1.ShowSelectDevice

For Each p In dev.Properties
    s = p.Name & "(" & p.PropertyID & ")"
    MsgBox s

Object Information

CLSID Not available
Minimum operating systems Windows XP SP1

See Also

Properties (Device), Properties (DeviceInfo), Properties (Filter), Properties (ImageFile), Properties (Item)