Property Object

Holds a property associated with a Device, DeviceInfo, Filter, ImageFile or Item object. See the Properties property on any of these objects for details on accessing Property objects. The Property object is a container.

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the Property object.

Property Description
IsReadOnly Indicates whether the Property value is read-only.
IsVector Indicates whether the Property value is a vector.
Name (Property) Retrieves the Property name.
PropertyID Retrieves the PropertyID of this Property.
SubType Retrieves the SubType of the Property, if any exist.
SubTypeDefault Retrieves the default Property value.
SubTypeMax Retrieves the maximum valid Property value.
SubTypeMin Retrieves the minimum valid Property value.
SubTypeStep Retrieves the step increment of Property values.
SubTypeValues Retrieves a Vector of valid Property values or valid flag values.
Type (Property) Retrieves either a WiaPropertyType or a WiaImagePropertyType value.
Value (Property) Sets or retrieves the Property value.


Note that the SubTypeDefault, SubTypeValues, SubTypeMin, SubTypeMax, and SubTypeStep properties are only accessible if SubType has a certain value.

For example code, see Display Detailed Property Information in Shared Samples.

Object Information

CLSID Not available
Minimum operating systems Windows XP SP1

See Also

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