ShowSelectItems Method

Displays a dialog box that enables the user to select an Item for transfer from a hardware device for image acquisition.


  object.ShowSelectItems( _
    Device As Device, _
    [Intent As WiaImageIntent,] _
    [Bias As WiaImageBias,] _
    [SingleSelect As Boolean,] _
    [UseCommonUI As Boolean,] _
    [CancelError As Boolean]) As Items


  • Device
    Required. Device value.

  • Intent
    Optional. WiaImageIntent value.

    • UnspecifiedIntent
      Default. No intent specified.
  • Bias
    Optional. WiaImageBias value.

    • MaximizeQuality
      Default. Use a higher quality scan to maximize the quality of the image.
  • SingleSelect
    Optional. Boolean value that indicates whether the user must select only one item.

    • False
      Multiple selection allowed.
    • True
      Default. Single selection required.
  • UseCommonUI
    Optional. Boolean value that indicates whether to use the common user interface (UI).

    • False
      Do not use the common UI.
    • True
      Default. Use the common UI.
  • CancelError
    Optional. Boolean value that indicates whether to generate an error if the user cancels the dialog box.

    • False
      Default. Do not generate an error.
    • True
      Generate an error.

Return Value

Returns the selection as an Items collection on success, otherwise returns Nothing.


For example code, see Count the Number of Child Items Available for Transfer in Shared Samples.

Method Information

Minimum operating systems Windows XP SP1

See Also

CommonDialog, ShowAcquireImage, ShowAcquisitionWizard, ShowDeviceProperties, ShowSelectDevice, Device, Items (Device), Connect, Items (Item), Items, Device (VideoPreview), WiaImageBias, WiaImageIntent