AVDecMmcssClass Property

Microsoft DirectShow 9.0

AVDecMmcssClass Property

Specifies the Multimedia Class Scheduler Service (MMCSS) class for the decoding thread.

Property GUID


Data Type


Possible Values

The value of this property is the name of the MMCSS class.


This property is read/write.

MMCSS enables applications to ensure that time-sensitive processing has prioritized access to CPU resources. It works by elevating registered threads to higher thread priorities while periodically decreasing their priorities to yield time to other processes.

The recommended value for audio decoders is "Audio," and the recommended value for video decoders is "Playback."

If the MMCSS service is not available or the specified MMCSS class does not exist, setting the property has no effect.


Header: Include uuids.h.

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