List Possible Settings for the Server running Server ActiveSync Sync Configuration Service Provider Examples


The following XML example lists possible settings for the server running Server ActiveSync SyncConfiguration Service Provider (with some example values):

Code Example

   <characteristic type="Sync">
      <characteristic type="Settings">
         <parm name="BodyTruncation" value="1024"/>
         <parm name="PeakStartTime" value="0800"/>
         <parm name="PeakEndTime" value="1800"/>
         <parm name="PeakFrequency" value="0"/>
         <parm name="AutoSyncWhenCradled" value="1"/>
         <parm name="SyncAfterTimeWhenCradled" value="120"/>
      <characteristic type="Connection">
         <parm name="Domain" value="thephone-company"/>
         <parm name="Server" value="TestServer"/>
         <parm name="User" value="username"/>
      <characteristic type="Mail">
         <parm name="EmailAgeFilter" value="1"/>
         <parm name="Enabled" value="1"/>
         <parm name="MailBodyTruncation" value="1024"/>
         <parm name="MailFileAttachments" value="1024"/>
      <characteristic type="Calendar">
         <parm name="CalendarAgeFilter" value="1"/>
         <parm name="Enabled" value="1"/>
      <characteristic type="Contacts">
         <parm name="Enabled" value="1"/>


One provisioning XML file typically contains configuration information for multiple Configuration Service Providers. To use this example, you must replace the values as appropriate, and add the node as a child of the OMA Client Provisioning file. For information about the syntax of this file, see OMA Client Provisioning Files. For examples, see OMA Client Provisioning XML File Examples.

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