Home Configuration Service Provider Examples for OMA Client Provisioning


The Home Configuration Service Provider configures the Home screen on the device.


This Configuration Service Provider is not available on Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Classic.

The following XML example can be used as a template to configure settings for the Home Configuration Service Provider. Below the Home characteristic type, replace the value for each parm and characteristic type with values that correspond to your system.

Configuring Home Screen Settings

The following example configures all of the settings for the device Home screen, such as setting the color scheme (\Windows\luna.scheme.xml) and scheme (\Windows\full.home.xml). The values must be fully qualified paths of the files that are to be used on the device.

<characteristic type="Home">
   <characteristic type="HKCU\ControlPanel\Home">
      <parm name="Scheme" value="\Windows\full.home.xml"/>
      <parm name="ColorScheme" value="\Windows\luna.scheme.xml"/>
      <parm name="BgImage" value=""/>


One provisioning XML file typically contains configuration information for multiple Configuration Service Providers. To use this example, you must replace the values as appropriate, and add the node as a child of the OMA Client Provisioning file. For information about the syntax of this file, see OMA Client Provisioning Files. For examples, see OMA Client Provisioning XML File Examples.

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