Configuration Manager


The Configuration Manager component of device management is the hub of activity for OMA Client Provisioning over-the-air (OTA) configuration, downloads, and configuration updates generated by the local settings control panel. This single point of configuration enables configuration security to be enforced and enables the control mechanisms to avoid configuration conflicts.

Configuration Manager accepts XML configuration requests from the Push Router. The requests are used to change the configuration of the system or change application software that is installed on the device. Configuration requests are provided through the following mechanisms:

  • Sent OTA from a provisioning server to the device over a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Short Message Service (SMS) wireless network that uses a WAP push gateway
  • Downloaded in a Cab Provisioning Format (.cpf) file
  • Sent through Remote API (RAPI)
  • Sent through DMProcessConfigXML. For information about DMProcessConfigXML, see the SDK on MSDN.
  • Burned in flash memory by the equipment manufacturer and loaded during the cold or warm boot procedure,MSDN.10).gifSecurity Note:
    For OMA Client Provisioning, configuration data is not encrypted when sent over the air. Be aware of this potential security risk when sending sensitive configuration data, such as passwords. OMA DM sessions are encrypted.

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