Height Property (Rect)

Gets or sets the height value of this Rect.

See Remarks.
value = object.Height
object.Height = value

Property Value


The height value of this Rect.

This property is read/write. The default value is 0.


Property values for a Rect and an object for Rect are not available for all cases where Rect is used as a property type. See Remarks for Rect.

The properties of a Rect do not have a XAML usage because there is no way to create a Rect in XAML as an object element. Instead, you always specify a Rect as a string that is either provided as a XAML attribute value or set to a property value in script. Each of these cases is supported by a type conversion behavior. If the particular property being set can return a Rect as an object to script, then the value as provided in the original string can be retrieved as the Height value of that Rect object.

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