TestSuiteCoordinationPort Class

Microsoft Robotics Class Reference

Port for communicating with the TestCaseProcessor

Namespace:  Microsoft.Dss.Services.Test
Assembly:  Microsoft.Dss.Runtime (in Microsoft.Dss.Runtime.dll) Version: 2.1.9999.0


public sealed class TestSuiteCoordinationPort : PortSet<StartSuite, TestCase, Shutdown>
Public NotInheritable Class TestSuiteCoordinationPort _
    Inherits PortSet(Of StartSuite, TestCase, Shutdown)
public ref class TestSuiteCoordinationPort sealed : public PortSet<StartSuite^, TestCase^, Shutdown^>

Inheritance Hierarchy

System. . :: .Object
  Microsoft.Ccr.Core. . :: .PortSet
    Microsoft.Ccr.Core. . :: .PortSet< (Of < (StartSuite, TestCase, Shutdown> ) > )

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