Microsoft.Webstore.JobEngine.Partitions Namespace

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Class Description
CloudPartition Presents a Cloud Partition as a partition The Partition Map is not serialized
CloudTableGroup Presents a Cloud Table Group as a Partition Set
CloudTableGroup.CloudTableGroupMapping Takes a mapping between a Partition and a big int and forms a mapping between a partition and a Cloud partition Useful when you are mapping to a Tablegroup but don't want to deal with partitions. Instead, you give a mapping to a partitioning key
MachineIPPartition MachineIPPartition
MachinePartition MachinePartition
MachineSet Adding twice the same machine to the set does not make a new entry. Note that the hash table is not serialized - so this guarantee does not stand once the set is sent across the wire
RoleBasedMachinePartition RoleBasedMachinePartition
RoleBasedMachinePartitionSet WebstoreSqlPartitionSet
WebstoreFilePartition WebstoreSqlPartition
WebstoreFileSharePartitionSet WebstoreSqlPartitionSet
WebstoreSqlPartition WebstoreSqlPartition
WebstoreSqlPartitionSet WebstoreSqlPartitionSet


Structure Description
MachineInfo Represents a machine in the Autopilon environment.


Delegate Description
CloudTableGroup.CloudTableGroupMapping.KeyMapping Delegate for keyMapping