Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization

Published: November 12, 2007   |   Updated: February 25, 2008


Welcome to the Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization guide, part of the Infrastructure Planning and Design series from Solution Accelerators.


In This Guide

The Planning and Design Series Approach

Introduction to the SoftGrid Application Virtualization Guide

SoftGrid in Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization

SoftGrid Application Virtualization Design Process

Step 1: Choose Between Standalone Mode and Connected Mode

Step 2: Determine the Number of SoftGrid Instances

Step 3: Determine Role Placement  and Fault Tolerance

Step 4: Determine Server Resource Scaling Requirements

Step 5: Determine Network Protocols Scheme

Step 6: Assess Client Considerations

Step 7: Determine Sequencer Placement



Appendix A: Job Aids

Appendix B: Server Performance Analyzing and Scaling


This accelerator is part of a larger series of tools and guidance from Solution Accelerators.


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