PlaybackFX Sample

Extends the BasicPlayback Sample by adding a video effect to the playback topology. The sample demonstrates how to add a Media Foundation transform (MFT) to a topology.

Note  This sample is no longer included in the SDK.


APIs Demonstrated

This sample demonstrates the following Microsoft Media Foundation interfaces:


The PlaybackFX sample builds a Windows application.

Before running the PlaybackFX application, build the MFT_Grayscale Sample and register the DLL.

To play a local media file, select Open File from the File menu. To specify a file by URL, select Open URL from the File menu. After you select a file, playback begins automatically. To pause playback, press the SPACEBAR. To resume playback, press the SPACEBAR again.

If you did not register the MFT_Grayscale DLL, the application will report an error with the HRESULT value 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG).


Product Version
Windows SDK Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Windows Vista


Downloading the Sample

This sample is available in the following locations.

Location Path/URL
Windows SDK SDK Root\Samples\multimedia\mediafoundation\PlaybackFX


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