BasicPlayback Sample

Shows how to use Microsoft Media Foundation to play audio and video files.

This sample was first published in the Windows SDK for Windows Vista. A significantly revised version was published in the Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008.

APIs Demonstrated

This sample demonstrates the following Media Foundation interfaces:


The BasicPlayback sample builds a Windows application.

To play a local media file, select Open File from the File menu. To specify a file by URL, select Open URL from the File menu. After you select a file, playback begins automatically. To pause playback, press the SPACEBAR. To resume playback, press the SPACEBAR again.


Product Version
Windows SDK Windows Vista
Windows  Windows Vista


Note  This sample was removed in the Windows SDK for Windows 7.


Downloading the Sample

This sample is available in the following locations.

Location Path/URL
Windows SDK SDK Root\Samples\multimedia\mediafoundation\BasicPlayback
MSDN Code Gallery


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