RelatedSearch SourceType (Bing, Version 2.0)

Use the RelatedSearch SourceType to view as many as eight searches that provide information in which you might be interested, based on your current search.

Request Parameters

Required Parameters

The following parameters are required for all requests:


To get results from a given SourceType, you must specify it in a SearchRequest.Sources statement.

Optional Parameters

The following optional parameters are applicable to this SourceType.

Response Fields

The following response fields are common to all source types:

The following response fields are specific to the RelatedSearch SourceType:

Request and Response Examples

For examples of requests and responses for this SourceType specific to a given protocol, see:

Code Samples

For examples of code that sends a request that specifies this SourceType and parses the response, see RelatedSearch SourceType Code Samples.

Error Handling

For information about error messages, see Error Handling (Bing, Version 2.0).

See Also


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