Using SOAP (Bing, Version 2)

The Bing SOAP interface is most efficiently accessed by referencing the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) document from a Microsoft Visual Studio project. The WSDL defines the ports and messages that comprise the Bing API SOAP web service.

To add a Web reference in Microsoft Visual Studio

  1. From Solution Explorer in an existing or newly created project, right-click References and, from the pop-up menu, select Add Service Reference.

    If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, this pop-up menu includes Add Web Reference. In this case, click Add Web Reference and proceed to Step 3.

    If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, proceed to Step 2.

  2. Click Advanced on the Add Service Reference dialog box, then click Add Web Reference on the Service Reference Settings dialog box.

  3. Type the following address in the URL text box: For information about obtaining an AppId, see Bing Developer Center.

  4. Click Go.

  5. You can accept the default web reference name in the Web reference name text box, or type your own name for the web reference in the text box. Click Add Reference to add the web reference to your project.


If the Bing Web service is called from behind a proxy server that enforces limits on SOAP packet size, you may experience issues with sending and receiving large SOAP packets. For example, a call to the Bing Web service that returns a large number of results may result in a large SOAP packet being sent. You may need to bypass the proxy, set the SOAP packet size limit very high, or limit the amount of data you are requesting.