More sample requests

This section contains queries for each Bing SourceType, which you can use to experiment with different Bing result sets. To do so, just substitute your AppID for <AppID>.<AppID>&query=sushi&sources=web<AppID>&query=sushi&sources=image<AppID>&query=sushi&sources=news<AppID>&sources=instantanswer&query=what is sushi<AppID>&sources=instantanswer&query=convert 5 feet to meters<AppID>&sources=instantanswer&query= x*5=7<AppID>&sources=instantanswer&query=2 plus 2<AppID>&sources=spell&query=cofee<AppID>&sources=phonebook&query=sushi in los angeles<AppID>&sources=relatedqueries&query=sushi 

All the examples we’ve shown so far use a browser (Internet Explorer) to send a request. Of course, being able to test queries with a browser is useful feature of the XML interface, but in general a programmable environment is the desirable mechanism for invoking the service.

The steps we performed in working with our browser-centric XML example are the same steps you’d perform when using the XML interface from the program language of your choice: Building a request based on the SourceTypes and query you want to run, sending the request, and parsing the response.