Namespace: Microsoft.Bing.Webmaster.Api

CrawlSettings Class

Represents site crawl settings

public class CrawlSettings


Name Description


If True then CrawlBoostEnabled value can be updated. Will be set automatically, you cannot change this value.


Allow bingbot to increase crawl rate further to boost index coverage for your site. Can be set to true if CrawlBoostAvailable is also true.


Crawl rate setting will configure bingbot crawl rate to the specific domain. These settings are applied on a per-domain basis, not across all domains in your webmaster account. By default, Bing will select the rate that best suits your domainYou can choose to set the maximum crawl rate potential, and Bing will adjust crawl rate based on your setting and total number of available URLs for your site. Bing only crawl when there is a need and the setting does not influence crawl selection. Minimum crawl rate is equal to 0, maximum rate is 9.

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