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  • Netting C++: EEK! An Introduction
    Stanley B. Lippman - June 2007
    Stanley Lippman begins a look at using C++/CLI as a purely .NET-compliant language.

  • Netting C++: Mapping Templates to Generics
    Stanley Lippman - April 2007
    In this installment, Stanley Lippman continues to port his ISO-C++ Text Query Language application to the Microsoft .NET Framework and C++/CLI.

  • Netting C++: Mapping Native C++ to the Common Type System
    Stanley B. Lippman - February 2007
    This month Stanley Lippman begins translating the Text Query Language Query class hierarchy from C++ to the .NET Common Type System.

  • Netting C++: The Design Space of the Common Type System
    Stanley B. Lippman - December 2006
    Stanley Lippman moves Text Query Language to the Microsoft .NET Framework using the C++/CLI language extensions in Visual C++ 2005.

  • Netting C++: Introducing Regular Expressions
    Stanley B. Lippman - November 2006
    This month Stanley Lippman introduces the support for regular expressions in the .NET Framework.

  • Netting C++: Resource Cleanup
    Stanley B. Lippman - August 2006
    Last time Stan Lippman did not consider the visibility of types and nondeterministic finalization in writing his TQL wrapper code. This month he rewrites the code.

  • Netting C++: The .NET Wrap
    Stanley B. Lippman - June 2006
    This month, we are changing the column name from Pure C++ to Netting C++ to better reflect our focus on Microsoft® . NET programming using C++/CLI, the . NET extensions to Visual C++® that are supported in Visual Studio® 2005.

  • Netting C++: EEK!—Time to Design the Mouse
    Stanley B. Lippman - December 2007
    This month begins the design of the actual mouse class for EEK!

  • Netting C++: Describing the EEK!-osystem
    Stanley B. Lippman - October 2007
    This column crafts an XML document to hold the mouse environment simulation data and shows how to incorporate an XML file into the program using a DataSet.

  • Netting C++: Configuration with XML
    Stanley B. Lippman - August 2007
    Stanley B. Lippman explores the use of C++/CLI as a pure Microsoft .NET Framework-compliant language.