Overview of Silverlight Syndication

Syndication support in Silverlight is enabled by referencing the types in the System.ServiceModel.Syndication.dll extension assembly.

Syndication support in Silverlight is based largely on the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) syndication object model. The following WCF resources provide an in-depth description of the WCF syndication feature set:

Silverlight exposes a subset of the WCF syndication object model and the scenarios targeted by the Silverlight and WCF platforms are not the same. WCF includes support for creating Web services that expose data as syndication feeds. Silverlight is a client technology that supports accessing existing feeds from a browser-based application. When reading the preceding articles, some parts of them are irrelevant in the context of Silverlight.

Two main client syndication scenarios are enabled in this Silverlight release.

  • Deserializing (parsing) an RSS or Atom feed obtained through an HTTP request into the SyndicationFeed class.
  • Serializing an instance of the SyndicationFeed class into an RSS or Atom feed and sending it through HTTP.

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