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Published: February 25, 2008   |   Updated: April 17, 2009


There are many resources available to help you use the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP). To learn more about the technologies being assessed and other tools provided by Microsoft, use the link provided below.

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Community and Feedback

To interact with other members of the Microsoft Assessment and Planning community, learn more about this valuable pre-sales assessment and planning tool, and get help with questions -visit the Microsoft Assessment and Planning forum on TechNet at

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Get Technical Support

Review the Release Notes for answers to questions about how to install the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP). After the installation is complete, review the Getting Started Guide (linked to the Start Menu) to understand how to use the tool.

Support for the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) is provided through Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS). Premier customers should contact Premier Support for assistance. Support offerings and regional contact information for support can be found at

Desktop and Server Migration Tools

Table 1 describes the primary tools and solutions available from Microsoft that you can use to plan and complete a Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 operating system migration project.

Table 1. Additional Tools


Microsoft Tools and Support

Assess application compatibility

Use the Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.0 to find out whether applications are compatible with Windows Vista. ACT is used to centrally gather data, assess, and report application compatibility for Windows Vista.

Deploy business desktops and servers

Use the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit to plan and implement your Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 migration project. The solution provides best practices, comprehensive guidance, and tools to optimally plan and deploy desktop computers with Windows Vista and servers with Windows Server 2008.

Securing operating system

The Windows Vista Security Guide provides IT Professionals with specific recommendations and automated tools to further harden Windows Vista against real-world security threats like malware and information theft. Based on extensive, real world experience from customers, government agencies, and Microsoft security experts, the guide provides customers with comprehensive vulnerability, risk, and exposure analyses to help them understand the tradeoffs between security and functionality.

For server deployments, the Windows Server 2008 Security Guide provides specific guidance customers need to securely deploy server infrastructure.

Managing virtual machines

Use Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) to dynamically manage virtual and physical machines in your environment. VMM can perform placement analysis, migration of your physical machines, as well as manage your virtualized environment.  

Customer and Partner Case Studies

For more information, view the following case studies:

"Housing Company Saved $38,000 in PC Replacement Costs during Recent Windows Vista Deployment"

Case Study - Collegiate Housing Services

"Telecommunications Certification Company Found 88% of Existing PCs to be Windows Vista Ready"

Case Study - Sporton International, Inc.

"Continental Airlines Optimizes Security and Streamlines Application Management with Windows Server 2008 and Solution Accelerators"

Case Study – Continental Airlines

"Mobile Certification Company reduced virtualization project planning by 60% with Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP)"

Case Study – Sporton International, Inc.

On-Demand Webcasts

For more information, view the following on-demand webcasts about the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP):

TechNet On-Demand Webcast

Partner Readiness Webcast (Partner Program credentials required)

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Privacy Statement

The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) provides features you can use to check for version updates, download updated device compatibility data, and download reference materials and other application updates. The privacy statement focuses on these features, standard computer information that is disclosed by accessing a Web site, and how we could use that data.


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