Dpws.Client.Discovery Namespace

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Handles client probe and resolve requests, which are WS-Discovery messages sent by a client to search for services on the network.


  Class Description
Public class DpwsDiscoveryClient Processes client Probe and Resolve requests.
Public class DpwsMetadata Stores service endpoint metadata details acquired from a Get metadata response.
Public class DpwsMexClient Retrieves a DPWS service's metadata.
Public class DpwsMexService Base class used to store metadata service information about a host or Hosted service.
Public class DpwsMexServices Provides message exchanger (MEX) services.
Public class DpwsRelationship A class used to store Relationship metadata.
Public class DpwsServiceDescription Base class used by DpwsProbeMatch and DpwsResolveMatch classes.
Public class DpwsServiceDescriptions A base collection class used to store DpwsServiceDescription objects.
Public class DpwsThisDevice A class used to store a device's ThisDevice metadata.
Public class DpwsThisModel Stores a device's ThisModel information.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate ByeEventHandler A delegate used by the discovery client ByeEventHandler.
Public delegate HelloEventHandler A delegate used by the discovery client HelloEventHandler.