Microsoft.SPOT Namespace

The Microsoft.SPOT namespace contains classes, delegates, and enumerations.


The .NET Micro Framework was formerly known as Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT).


Name Description
Public Class Application Encapsulates a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application.
Public Class Bitmap Encapsulates a bitmap, which consists of the pixel data for a graphics image and its methods and attributes.
Public Class CancelEventArgs Provides data for an event that can be canceled.
Public Class ConstraintException The exception that is thrown when an action is attempted that violates a constraint.
Public Class Debug Provides a set of methods and properties that help you debug your code.
Public Class Dispatcher Provides services for maintaining the event queue for a thread.
Public Class DispatcherFrame Represents an execution loop iteration in the dispatcher event queue.
Public Class DispatcherObject Represents an object that is associated with a dispatcher.
Public Class DispatcherOperation Enables programs to interact with a delegate that has been posted to a dispatcher queue.
Public Class DispatcherTimer A timer that is integrated into a dispatcher queue.
Public Class EventArgs Constitutes the base class for classes that contain event data.
Public Class EventHandlersStore Provides a container for event handlers.
Public Class EventRoute Provides a container for a route to be followed by a routed event.
Public Class ExecutionConstraint Provides a method you can use to require a thread to complete an operation within specific constraints.
Public Class ExtendedTimer Provides a mechanism for executing methods at specified intervals or on specific events.
Public Class ExtendedTimeZone Represents a time zone.
Public Class ExtendedWeakReference Represents an extended weak reference, which references an object but still leaves it prone to garbage collection.
Public Class FieldNoReflectionAttribute Sets a field such that there can be no reflection it.
Public Class Font Defines a particular format for text, including font choice, font size, and style attributes.
Public Class GloballySynchronizedAttribute Indicates that a particular method is globally synchronized.
Public Class Logging Provides methods and properties for managing logged data.
Public Class Math Provides static methods for common mathematical functions.
Public Class PropertyChangedEventArgs Provides data for a property changed event.
Public Class PublishInApplicationDirectoryAttribute Indicates that an application should be published in its application directory.
Public Class Reflection Provides information about assemblies and the types defined within them, as well as information about creating, invoking, and accessing type instances at run time.
Public Class Reflection.AssemblyInfo Defines an AssemblyInfo object (an assembly), which is a self-describing building block of a common language runtime (CLR) application.
Public Class ResourceUtility Helps .NET Micro Framework applications manage resources.
Public Class RoutedEvent Represents and identifies a routed event and declares its characteristics.
Public Class RoutedEventArgs Provides state information and event data associated with a particular routed event.
Public Class RoutedEventHandlerInfo Constructs event routes.
Public Class RpcClient Provides a client for remote procedure calls.
Public Class RpcServer Provides a server for remote procedure calls.
Public Class SerializationHintsAttribute Indicates that a particular serializable object has known attributes and methods of serialization.
Public Class Socket For internal use only. Please use Socket instead.
Public Class SystemTime Sets or gets the current system time for the device.
Public Class TimeZoneInformation Contains information describing a specific time zone.
Public Class UnknownTypeException The exception that is thown when an error occurs because of an unknown type.
Public Class WeakDelegate Provides methods for combining and removing "weak" delegates.
Public Class WindowCollection Collects the window objects for an application into a single set, or window collection.


Name Description
Public Delegate CancelEventHandler Provides the method that handles a cancelable event.
Public Delegate DispatcherOperationCallback Provides callback functionality for dispatcher operations.
Public Delegate EventHandler Provides a method that handles events that have no event data.
Public Delegate PropertyChangedEventHandler Handles a property change event.
Public Delegate RoutedEventHandler Represents an event handler that receive a routed event.


Name Description
Public Enumeration Bitmap.BitmapImageType Lists the available formats for bitmap images.
Public Enumeration DispatcherOperationStatus Describes the possible values for the status of a DispatcherOperation object.
Public Enumeration ExtendedTimer.TimeEvents Defines the various timer events that are available in the .NET Micro Framework.
Public Enumeration ExtendedWeakReference.PriorityLevel Defines a set of constants available for prioritizing extended weak references.
Public Enumeration ReasonSessionEnding Specifies the reason for the end of the session.
Public Enumeration RoutingStrategy Indicates the routing strategy of a routed event.
Public Enumeration SerializationFlags Defines a set of flags that indicate various attributes of a serialization (serialized object).
Public Enumeration ShutdownMode Defines how an application shuts down.
Public Enumeration TimeZoneId Provides the set of time zones that are available for .NET Micro Framework applications.