Performance Benchmarks for Computers Running Exchange Server 2003

The MAPI Messaging Benchmark (MMB) results previously hosted on this page are no longer available.

For customers running versions of Exchange Server later than Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft partners provide various tools, references, and guides to help you assess server, storage, and deployment needs for a given Exchange workload. See Find a Partner for assistance in finding a partner.

Prescriptive guidance for various storage solutions can also be found on the following pages:

For customers running versions of Exchange Server up to and including Exchange Server 2003, MMB was the benchmark for measuring the performance and scalability of computers running these versions of Exchange Server. However, as customer needs became more sophisticated, MMB outgrew its usefulness.

Although Microsoft no longer posts MAPI Messaging Benchmark results, Microsoft continues to provide the tools and guidance necessary to allow Microsoft partners to perform their own end-to-end solutions testing for Exchange Server, including performance and scalability analysis.