How to: Set the Working Folder

After creating a new project, you will need to designate a working folder in which to work on project files. If you do not do this, Visual SourceSafe prompts you for a working folder any time you use a command that requires one to be set, for example, the Check Out command. The only command you can perform without a working folder is the View File command.

Your working folder can be an existing folder on your computer, or a new folder created in Visual SourceSafe Explorer. When you set a working folder for a project, you can set it for the entire project, including all subprojects under that project. You can, however, explicitly set a working folder for any subproject.

A Visual SourceSafe working folder is set per user, per project, per machine. If Joe works on database projects $/SpreadSheet and $/WordProcessor, he has two different working folders, one for each project.

To set the working folder:

  1. In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, select a project.

  2. On the File menu, click Set Working Folder.

  3. In the Set Working Folder dialog box, select the drive with the folder that you want to use.

  4. In the Folders box, select the folder to use as a working folder. Alternatively, you can use the Create Folder button to have Visual SourceSafe Explorer create a folder for you.

  5. If you want Visual SourceSafe to save this folder as your default working folder, select the Save as default for project check box. If you do not select this box, you will be prompted to create a new working folder when you use the next Visual SourceSafe command that requires one.

  6. Click OK. The path to your working folder is displayed in Visual SourceSafe Explorer above the file list.

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