PipelineInfo Class

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Encapsulates a context dictionary and pipeline message collection used during execution of an Orders pipeline.

Namespace: Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime.Orders
Assembly: Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime (in Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime.dll)


Public Class PipelineInfo _
    Implements IDisposable
Dim instance As PipelineInfo
public class PipelineInfo : IDisposable
public ref class PipelineInfo : IDisposable
public class PipelineInfo implements IDisposable


PipelineInfo provides additional information to pipeline components in an executing pipeline, such as ProfileContext.

Typically, you create a new PipelineInfo for each invocation of a pipeline. Prior to pipeline invocation, you can use the PipelineInfo context dictionary to pre-populate the pipeline context with any objects that are needed within the context of the Pipeline.

The context dictionary encapsulated by this class is populated only in case of a web application and it requires the following modules to be configured in the web.config

A PipelineInfo object contains references to unmanaged objects. You should call the Dispose method of the PipelineInfo object when you are through with the PipelineInfo object.

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