DisplayProperty Members

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Describes a substitution Property of a DisplayTemplate.

The DisplayProperty type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Aa182826.pubmethod(en-US,CS.70).gif DisplayProperty Initializes a new instance of the DisplayProperty class.



Name Description
Aa182826.pubmethod(en-US,CS.70).gif Equals (Inherited from Object.)
Aa182826.protmethod(en-US,CS.70).gif Finalize (Inherited from Object.)
Aa182826.pubmethod(en-US,CS.70).gif GetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Aa182826.pubmethod(en-US,CS.70).gif GetType (Inherited from Object.)
Aa182826.protmethod(en-US,CS.70).gif MemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Aa182826.pubmethod(en-US,CS.70).gif ToString (Inherited from Object.)



Name Description
Aa182826.pubproperty(en-US,CS.70).gif DefaultValue Gets or sets the default value if the substitution value for the DisplayProperty is not entered or found.
Aa182826.pubproperty(en-US,CS.70).gif Encoding Gets or sets the kind of encoding to use for this DisplayProperty object.
Aa182826.pubproperty(en-US,CS.70).gif Id Gets the Id of the DisplayProperty object.
Aa182826.pubproperty(en-US,CS.70).gif IsRequired Gets or sets the value indicating if this is a required field.
Aa182826.pubproperty(en-US,CS.70).gif Label Gets or sets the label to use for a field in the UI.
Aa182826.pubproperty(en-US,CS.70).gif Name Gets or sets the name of the current DisplayProperty object.
Aa182826.pubproperty(en-US,CS.70).gif Order Gets or sets the order that this field should appear in UI relative to other fields.
Aa182826.pubproperty(en-US,CS.70).gif Source Gets or sets the source for the value to substitute in at run time.
Aa182826.pubproperty(en-US,CS.70).gif TemplateName Gets the name of the DisplayTemplate to which the current instance belongs.
Aa182826.pubproperty(en-US,CS.70).gif Type Gets or sets the type of the DisplayProperty object.


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