ItemRelationshipsCacheTimeout Property

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Gets or sets a value indicating the time for which the category and product relationships remain in the cache.

Namespace:  Microsoft.CommerceServer.Catalog
Assembly:  Microsoft.CommerceServer.Catalog (in Microsoft.CommerceServer.Catalog.dll)


Public Property ItemRelationshipsCacheTimeout As TimeSpan
Dim instance As CacheConfiguration
Dim value As TimeSpan

value = instance.ItemRelationshipsCacheTimeout

instance.ItemRelationshipsCacheTimeout = value
public TimeSpan ItemRelationshipsCacheTimeout { get; set; }
property TimeSpan ItemRelationshipsCacheTimeout {
    TimeSpan get ();
    void set (TimeSpan value);
public function get ItemRelationshipsCacheTimeout () : TimeSpan
public function set ItemRelationshipsCacheTimeout (value : TimeSpan)

Property Value

Type: System..::.TimeSpan
A System.TimeSpan that specifies the time interval during which the items in the relationships cache configuration remains in the cache.


The default ItemRelationshipsCacheTimeout value is 5 minutes.


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