How to Use Asymmetric Encryption with Profiles

For the latest version of Commerce Server 2007 Help, see the Microsoft Web site.

Asymmetric encryption and decryption is handled automatically by Commerce Server after it is configured. Configuring asymmetric encryption is done using the Profiles Schema Manager. Decryption is configured in Commerce Server after you enter the public and private encryption keys into the Web.config file of the application runtime and also the Profiles Web service.


You cannot use the PASSWORD data type for any field that uses asymmetric encryption. If you plan to use asymmetric encryption for a specific attribute, you must use an attribute type of STRING or LONGSTRING. Likewise, the database data type must be NVARCHAR or TEXT. For more information, see How to Add Encrypted Properties for Profiles.

To encrypt data using asymmetric encryption

  1. Determine which properties will be encrypted asymmetrically.

  2. Use the Profiles Schema Manager to configure properties for asymmetric encryption. For more information about configuring asymmetric encryption, see How to Add Encrypted Properties for Profiles.

To decrypt data using asymmetric encryption

  1. Generate a public and private key pair used to decrypt data. For more information about generating key pairs, see Generating a New Encryption Key.

  2. Enter the key values into the Web.config file for the Profiles Web service and the run-time application site. For more information about updating the application runtime, see Updating the Application Runtime.

  3. Restart IIS or reboot the server for configuration values to take effect.

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