Profile Key Manager

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The Profile Key Manager (PKM) provides a means of updating the encryption key for properties in the Profiles store of Commerce Server 2007. The site or database administrator uses the Profile Key Manager to do one of the following:

  • Encrypt profile properties in the properties store if these properties were not previously encrypted. The only properties that can be encrypted are those with the type string or password. An example would be to encrypt credit card information.

  • Re-encrypt profile properties. It is a good practice to periodically re-encrypt stored properties because a static key becomes easier to break over time. Re-encryption prevents the key from being overexposed.

Run the Profile Key Manager after you create your user profiles for the first time, and as often as recommended by your business plan.


The Profile Key Manager expects the keyIndex property stored with each profile entry to be called “KeyIndex.” Giving this property another name will make the tool unable to perform encryption operations.

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