Profiles Schema Performance Considerations

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If the Commerce Server Membership Provider does not find the required properties in the SQL Server database, performance can be negatively impacted. Therefore, it is better not to delete the required profiles properties. These profiles properties are required:

  • Comment (GeneralInfo.comment)

  • CreationDate (ProfileSystem.date_created)

  • Email (GeneralInfo.email_address)

  • IsLockedOut (ProfileSystem.logon_error_dates, ProfileSystem.password_answer_error_dates, ProfileSystem.last_lockedout_date)

  • LastLockoutDate (ProfileSystem.logon_error_dates, ProfileSystem.password_answer_error_dates, ProfileSystem.last_lockedout_date)

  • LastActivityDate (ProfileSystem.last_activity_date)

  • LastLoginDate (ProfileSystem.date_last_logon)

  • LastPasswordChangedDate (ProfileSystem.date_last_password_changed)

  • PasswordQuestion (GeneralInfo.password_question, GeneralInfo.password_answer)

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