Discount Ad Web Part

The Discount Ad Web Part displays advertisements and discounts that are relative to both the current shoppers and their current site context. The Discount Ad Web Part records click events on the served advertisements to monitor the progress of paid advertisements, as well as provide metrics on program success.

Web Part

The main functions of the Discount Ad Web Part are:

  • Serves the advertisements or discounts most relative to the current shoppers and their current site context

  • Records click events on the advertisements and discounts

  • Can serves advertisements and discounts specific to a channel

  • Allows the display size of the advertisement to be configured

  • Serves advertisements based on the shopper history of viewed advertisements

  • Serves an image or HTML code of all supported Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 R2 campaigns (advertisement and discount) display types for an advertisement or discount

The advertisement targeting is based on the following aspects:

  • Current shopper’s identity

  • Current products viewed

  • Current Page Group being viewed (defined in the Marketing Manager)

  • Desired displayable content size

  • An advertisements historical information

  • Current channel

To record a click event on an advertisement, the Discount Ad Web Part provides the following information:

  • Advertisement ID (or any other unique entity of interest)

  • Page Group on which event is observed

  • Event name

  • Name of the Commerce Server 2009 R2 cache that contains the advertisement

  • Name of the Commerce Server 2009 R2 pipeline that used to record the event

The Discount Ad Web Part uses .NET Framework controls to format its output.

Discount Ad Web Part Properties

The Discount Ad Web Part property sheet lets site designers control how advertisements and discounts are displayed on a page.

To display the Web Part property sheet:

  1. On the Web Part page, click Site Actions menu and then select Edit Page.

  2. Click the Web Part drop-down menu and then select Edit Web Part. The Web Part property sheet is displayed.

  3. To view properties, expand the relevant sections. The property sheet has several settings in the Commerce Settings section that dictate what is served to the shopper, and how it is laid out.

For a detailed list of this Web Part properties and information related to customizing this Web Part, see Discount Ad Web Part.

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