Developing with Commerce Server Core Systems

The primary development task with Commerce Server Core Systems is the creation of an ASP.NET Web site that takes advantage of the various Commerce Server features to facilitate the display and acquisition of a set of products by customers. Seen this way, the Catalog System and the Orders System are perhaps most central to the ultimate purpose of Commerce Server Core Systems, with the other systems backing up these primary systems. The Inventory System is closely tied to the Catalog System, and lets you provide your customers with more information about the availability of particular products. The Marketing System helps you make your Commerce Server Web site more successful through the use of advertising and content targeting. The Profiles System lets you keep track of your customers and to help provide them with a personalized experience within your Commerce Server Web site. The Data Warehouse Analytics System helps you to understand how customers use your Commerce Server Web site so that you can improve their experience over time.

The object models and development tasks associated with each of these Commerce Server systems are explained in their own dedicated sections:

In addition, there are a number of development concepts and technologies that apply to more than one of these Commerce Server systems or to the ways in which the functionality provided by these systems can be woven together to create a cohesive Commerce Server Web application. It is these concepts and technologies that are the subject of this section.

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