Credit Card Detail Web Part

The Credit Card Detail Web Part lets shoppers create a payment record, as well as modify or delete saved credit card information. The credit card information recorded is the card type, card number, expiration date, and billing address. All credit card numbers entered in this Web Part are initially validated by standard card number validation algorithms. The Web Part also lets a particular credit card be tagged as the default for all payments and for fast-checkout options.

Shoppers can choose existing billing addresses in their profiles from a drop-down list. When they select an address, the credit card address information is pre-populated but inactive. The shopper can edit the address or create a new address. If the shopper chooses to enter a new address, the address fields are cleared of their values and become active.


The Credit Card Detail Web Part contains these components:

  • CreditCardDetailWebPart/SPCreditCardDetailWebPart: dynamically loads the CreditCardDetail user control.

  • CreditCardDetail.ascx: defines the possible actions that a shopper can take to create, edit, or delete a credit card. It contains a textbox for the card number and drop-down controls for the expiration date, billing address, and credit card type. The "Add a New Address" button redirects the shopper to the Address Detail page. The "Remove", "Cancel", and "Save" buttons post back to the control and make calls to the API to perform the appropriate action, such as saving the credit card data.


The following table lists the mapping of the properties for the Credit Card Web Part.


Maps to

"Account number" label text


"Account number is required" message


"Action" URL parameter


"Address Detail" page URL


"Billing address" label text


"Billing address is required" message


"Add new address" button text


"Cancel" button text


"Save" button text


"Credit card" section title text


"Credit card id" URL parameter


"Credit card number is invalid" message


"Credit card type" label text


CSS Class


"Default payment" label text


"Expiration date" label text


"Credit card expiration date is invalid" message


Instructional text


On completion, go to URL


"Account number is invalid" message


"* are required fields" label text



You can customize the Credit Card Detail Web Part by modifying the .ascx file.

Configuration Setting

Credit card validation is enabled. For every payment method you need to add the payment methods Group ID to the CreditCards section in the web.config file. An example of the CreditCards section is shown below:

     <Card name="Visa" Id="{d8c162c2-25ec-4e5d-9f85-e81168055d9e}" />
     <Card name="MasterCard" Id="{73e5b533-f705-497d-9759-5e5e76f36c80}" />

Error Handling

There is no design-time error handing required for this Web Part.

API Dependencies

The Credit Card Detail Web Part is dependent on the UserProfile API. Credit card data is associated with a user profile, so the Credit Card Detail Web Part uses QueryRelatedItem<CreditCard> with the ModelSearch criteria mechanism to retrieve credit card information.

You update credit card information through an update of the user profile. The Web Part uses the UpdateRelatedItem<CreditCard> operation with the ModelSearch criteria mechanism. Similarly, you can delete a credit card through the DeleteRelatedItem<CreditCard> operation.

The Credit Card Detail Web Part uses the CreditCardNumber, CreditCardType, ExpirationMonth, ID, and ExpirationYear strongly typed properties of the API credit card object. You use the member ID to retrieve a card.

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