Developing with the BizTalk Adapters

Commerce Server 2009 includes the following four BizTalk adapters, also known informally as the Commerce Server 2009 adapters, to provide easier integration between the Commerce Server 2009, BizTalk Server, and other arbitrary applications beyond BizTalk Server:

  • Orders adapter

  • Catalog adapter

  • Inventory adapter

  • Profiles adapter

These adapters each define a specific set of XML messages that can be exchanged between Commerce Server 2009 and BizTalk Server. The expectation is that BizTalk Server will be used to exchange, and potentially process, these messages with another application that is the ultimate producer and/or consumer of the messages. This other application could be, for example, a line-of-business (LOB) application that interacts with one of the Commerce Server 2009 systems, or it could even be another instance of Commerce Server 2009 itself.

This section provides further information about the scenarios in which you may want to use the Commerce Server 2009 adapters, conceptual information about the Commerce Server 2009 adapters, detailed information about configuring the Commerce Server 2009 adapters within BizTalk Server, as well as several miscellaneous topics that discuss security, performance, concurrency, and troubleshooting.


Working with the Commerce Server 2009 adapters is more of a BizTalk Server development task than a Commerce Server 2009 development task. You should refer to the BizTalk Server documentation to gain an understanding of the BizTalk Server adapter framework and general BizTalk Server administration concepts.

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