Working With the Web Parts

To create a page for an e-commerce site, you add Web Parts to the page and set their properties to allow the Web Parts to display and communicate information to both the shopper and Commerce Server 2009. To edit a Web page, use the SharePoint Edit Page option. This displays a page in Edit mode. For most site pages that do not have a specific template applied, a blank page will appear with an "Add a Web Part" title. If you use a template, some formatting or image content may appear as well. As you build a page with Web Parts, the Web Parts will appear laid out in the standard SharePoint layout, based on the page design template that you use.

Important When using Commerce Server 2009 web parts, applying changes directly on the production site might have non-expected effects. The best practice is to build a staging version of the site and changes can be made on that site. Once approved, the changes can be pushed to production using SharePoint Content Deployment. For more details see How to use Content Deployment to stage a SharePoint implementation with Commerce Server.

To add a new Web Part to a page, click the "Add a Web Part" title when in Edit mode. This opens the Add Web Parts page with a list of all valid Web Parts, as the following figure shows:


To add one of the displayed Web Parts to the page, from the Web Part list, select the checkbox that is next to the Web Part that you want to add, and then click Add.

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