Deployment Roadmap

This topic introduces the deployment architectures that Commerce Server 2009 supports. By understanding the deployment architecture before you deploy your site, you can set up your initial Commerce Server 2009 deployment appropriately and reduce the amount of change later in the deployment cycle.

The first stage in deploying Commerce Server 2009 is to build your solution on a single computer. This stage includes installing Commerce Foundation, SharePoint Commerce Services, the Default site, setting up the databases under the appropriate database accounts, and installing the Business Management Applications so that business users can manage the online business.

After the solution is up and running on a single computer, you can deploy the solution to a test environment and ultimately to a production environment. The test and production environments typically consist of multiple computers.

Commerce Server 2009 supports the following primary deployment architectures: single server, development environment, base, and enterprise. The following information describes the purpose for each deployment scenario. For a description of each server role and what Commerce Server software is installed on each server, see How Commerce Server Software Is Installed Within a Deployment.

Single Server Deployment

The single server deployment consists of running all the Commerce Server 2009 components and software requirements (including Windows and SQL Server) on a single computer.

Development Environment

The development environment lets multiple developers work on a single solution. A development environment typically includes source management systems (such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe), and build or integration servers.

Base Deployment

The base deployment typically consists of two to five computers that have SQL Server installed on computers that are separate from the Commerce Server 2009 Web servers. This deployment uses a computer that is running ISA Server as a firewall to separate and help protect the Web servers from the Internet.

Enterprise Deployment

The enterprise deployment is an expansion of the base deployment, but involves increased security, manageability, availability, and scalability. You can include additional servers to reduce the single points of failure in the system and improve performance. The enterprise deployment includes an additional firewall between the Web farm and data environment, and separate domain controllers for each environment.

Next Steps

Now that you are familiar with the various deployment architectures and final implementations of Commerce Server 2009 in data center environments, use the links in the following table to get started with your deployment.



To complete your deployment on a single computer

Building a Single Server Deployment

To set up a development environment

Building the Development Environment

To set up a base deployment

Building a Base Deployment

To set up an enterprise deployment

Building an Enterprise Deployment

To set up a production environment

Building the Production Environment

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