Using the Pipeline Editor

The Pipeline Editor is the Commerce Server Core Systems application that you use for creating and editing Commerce Server Core Systems pipelines. You can use it to edit a pipeline on the local computer or on a computer connected to a local area network (LAN).

You can find descriptions of various pipeline components in pipeline configuration files, which have the .pcf extension. You create and configure .pcf files by using the Pipeline Editor.

The Pipeline Editor displays a pipeline as a pipe that shows the stages of the pipeline as pipe segments. The components used in a stage appear as valves.

The following figure shows the Pipeline Editor with labels that indicate the stages and components of a pipeline.


Commerce Server Core Systems pipeline components have an affinity with particular pipeline stages, which means that the component is designed to perform within a particular pipeline stage. Commerce Server Core Systems does not enforce this stage and component association. You may include any component in any stage.


If you use the Pipeline Editor to display the components having an affinity with a particular stage, you will see only those components that have been configured to have an affinity with that stage. Components, such as the Scriptor component, may be configured to have an affinity with all stages.

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