About Commerce Server 2002 ASP-based Site Migration to Commerce Server 2007

If your site is based on the Retail or Supplier Solution Sites, or if you created your own site based on Active Server Pages (ASP) by using Commerce Server 2002, migrating to Commerce Server 2007 is more complex than if your site is based on ASP.NET, because you need to move to the .NET Framework.

As with migrating an ASP.NET-based site, you must upgrade to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and run the Upgrade Wizard to migrate your site data. The next step is to write your site code in ASP.NET. This requires that you learn about the .NET Framework. Many resources are available to help you. For example, see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=67544. The MSDN Web site has many articles, white papers and Webcasts that discuss how to move to ASP.NET. This section of the documentation includes much information to help you transfer your knowledge of the Commerce Server Component Object Model (COM) platform to the Commerce Server Class Library.

Because of differences between ASP and ASP.NET, we recommend that you do not just port your ASP Commerce Server application code to ASP.NET. Instead, we recommend that you rewrite your ASP code as ASP.NET code. This documentation does not provide prescriptive guidance for rewriting your site. The complexity and variety of site architectures and the major feature and functionality differences between ASP and ASP.NET make such guidance impractical. For more information about how to move from ASP to ASP.NET, see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=46871.

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