The AuthManager object is a Component Object Model (COM) object that exposes methods for identifying users and controlling access to dynamically generated content. The methods and properties of this object control and access the contents of cookies and encoded URL strings.

The following figure shows how AuthManager works.

How AuthManager works.

The AuthManager object provides a transparent interface to the tickets, whether they are stored in cookies or in URL query strings, and handles encryption and decryption of the tickets to ensure security.

The AuthManager object is intended for use only through Active Server Pages (ASP) because it depends on ASP intrinsic objects.


  • Outside of ASP script, you can use the GetUserIDFromCookie and
    GetUserIDFromCookieAndKey methods of AuthManager.

The AuthManager object provides methods to place the ticket into a cookie, if cookies are enabled on the client, or, if cookies are not enabled, into an encoded URL string. When the AuthManager object is used with the AuthFilter ISAPI filter, cookies must be enabled.

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