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The application tag is the root tag of the Commerce Server-specific configuration section in the web.config file. This tag stores basic configuration settings for the application.

In any of the modes, trace messages and Debug exceptions (Checked mode only) are published using a DebugContext instance. The Commerce Server .NET Application Framework provides a default instance (created by CommerceApplicationModule) that logs messages using the ASP.NET tracing mechanism. A Commerce Server site could potentially replace the DebugContext instance with a custom instance that could log the messages to a file or database, for example.

The following table lists the attributes of the application tag.

Attribute Data Type Description
siteName String The name of the site to which the application belongs.

This attribute is required.

debugLevel String The debug level of the site: checked, debug, or production.
  • Checked mode is a flag for intensive runtime checks. Checked mode is a superset of Debug mode. It is recommended to run a site in Checked mode before deploying it into production.
  • Debug mode generates debug trace messages that may be helpful in troubleshooting a Commerce Server site while the site is live in production. Forgoes the more intensive checks performed in Checked mode.
  • Production mode has no special checks, only operation messages are traced.

This attribute can be used by other components to determine how to handle exceptions. The default value is production mode.

This attribute is required.


<application siteName="sitename" debugLevel="Checked|Debug|Production">

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