Service Pack 2 Enhancements for Catalogs

You can download Commerce Server 2002 Service Pack 2 from

Commerce Server 2002 Service Pack 2 includes the following enhancements to the Product Catalog System:

  • Wildcard searches. The search feature of the Product Catalog system has been enhanced to enable wild card searches on the catalog content. You can use the Search method to perform wildcard searches when doing a freetext search. To perform a wildcard search, the fulltext search phrase must end with an asterisk (*).

    For example, the following code demonstrates how to write a wildcard search that returns all the rows beginning with “book”. Notice the asterisk after “book”.

    sqlClause = “”
    freetextSearchPhrase = “book*”
    catalogsToSearch = “MyCatalog”
    oCatalogManager.Search(sqlClause, freetextSearchPhrase,catalogsToSearch)
  • Improved performance of catalog export. With Service Pack 2, it is now four times faster to export a catalog to an XML file. For example, if a catalog with 1 million items took 27 minutes to export, with Service Pack 2 it would take only 7 minutes to export.

  • Improved recordset sort functionality. The fields in the recordset returned by the GetCategoryProperties, GetProductProperties, and GetVariantProperties methods are now sorted based on the PropertyOrder defined for the properties in the definition.****

    For example, if a category definition contains the properties Name and Description with PropertyOrder 1 and 2, respectively, the fields in the recordset returned by the GetCategoryProperties method would be sorted as follows, with Name first:

    <Built in catalog properties> Name  Description

    Before Service Pack 2, the fields in the recordset were sorted alphabetically. For the above example, the fields in the recordset would be sorted as follows, with Description first:

    <Built in catalog properties> Description Name  

    This new sort functionality also improves the display of the properties in the Categories, Products, and Product Variants sections of the Catalog Content <Catalog Name> screen in Business Desk.

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