Creating a Discount

After you create a campaign, you can create a discount. A discount is a campaign item, which you create to apply discounts to any item or category in your catalog. For example, you can apply a 20 percent discount to a Keyboard category in a Computer Hardware catalog. When you create a discount, you specify how and in what form the discount is to appear to the user.

You use the Campaign Manager module to create new discounts, schedule when discounts are to appear on the site, determine to what products, page groups, or target groups the discount applies, and specify how the discount is to be displayed. You can also preview how the discount will appear on the designated Web site or page group.

You use target expressions to target the discount to specific users. For example, you can award preferred site users a ten percent discount on the two most expensive items in their shopping basket. You can also specify how many times a particular discount is shown to a user within a session. After you specify the discount display, you can preview the display before saving it in the Campaign Manager module.

If you want to use discounts in multiple languages, you must recreate each discount in the appropriate language.


  • For examples that show how to create different types of discounts, see Discount Examples. The examples display the Business Desk for each discount, and the discount results for each user basket.
  • Any changes made to a discount must be published into production before they will appear on the Web site. For information about publishing changes to your Web site, see Publishing Campaign Changes on Your Web Site.

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