Discount Examples

The following examples display the Business Desk Discount Definition screen for each discount, and the discount results in each user basket. These examples identify products or categories in a catalog to which the discount will apply, the amount of the discount, and award(s) the user receives. For step-by-step instructions for creating a discount, see Creating a Discount.

As you go through the following examples, it is important to understand the mechanics of each discount. The results of each discount are dependent on each of the discount components, such as priority, condition, award, and discount interaction policies. For information about how discounts are applied when there are multiple discounts, see Discount Application Policies.


  • Because there are numerous discount scenarios, and you cannot anticipate what users will put in their basket, it is recommended that you create your discounts on a staging server so you can test your discount scenarios before you put your discounts into production.


Click the following*interactive* screen for detailed information about each of the highlighted Discount Definition components.

This section contains examples for the following types of discounts:

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