Comparing Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition Features

The following Business Analytics features are only available in Enterprise Edition:

  • Extend the Data Warehouse.
  • Create prediction models to display product recommendations to a site user.
  • Create segmentation models to analyze population segments behavior.
  • Create a new report from scratch. (In Standard Edition, you can customize an existing report and save it under a new name.)
  • Export reports as lists to the Profiling System or Targeting System.
  • Import user, campaigns data into the Data Warehouse.
  • Run the reports listed in the following table, under "Reports only in Enterprise Edition":
Reports in both Editions Reports only in Enterprise Edition
Usage Trends Registered Users by Date Registered
User Trends User Days to Register
Activity by Browser User Registration Rate
Distinct Users by Time

User Visit Trends

Usage Summary by Week of Year Campaign Item Summary
Usage Summary by Day of Week Ad Reach and Frequency by Date
Usage Summary by Hour of Day Ad Reach and Frequency per Advertiser
General Activity Statistics Buyer Browse to Purchase
Entry Pages Campaign Event Summary
Exit Pages

Shopping Basket Events

Bandwidth Summary

Order Events

Bandwidth Trends Registered User Properties
Product Sales Customer Sales
Hits by HTTP Status New Registered Users
Hits by Win32 Status
Top Referring Domains by Requests
Top Requested Pages
Query Strings (multi value)
Query Strings (single value)
Entry Path Analysis

For a description of the scaling differences between Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition, see "Differences between Commerce Server 2002 Editions" available at

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