Backing Up Your Site

After you deploy and configure your site, you should back up all the files on your site so that you can restore it in case of server failure. If your site is small, the easiest way to back up your site is to repackage it using Commerce Server Site Packager. The new package will save many of the configuration settings specific to your current site. Site Packager does not package properties that are specific to the computer you are on. For example, Web server properties and some application properties that are set in Commerce Server Manager are not packaged. For a list of data that is packaged for each resource, see Site Packager Reference Information.

Remember to repackage your site each time you change its configuration. For information about how to package a site, see Packaging a Site.

If your site is large, creating a package file for it may not be practical. In this case, you need to back up each component (applications and databases, for example) using an appropriate method for that component. The following table lists appropriate backup tools for each Commerce Server component type.

To back up this component type Use this
Application files and Windows registry Windows Backup or Microsoft Application Center 2000
Databases SQL Server Backup
Domain information Active Directory replication between multiple domain controllers

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