Installing Administration Tools Only

After you have installed Commerce Server on at least one computer, you can also set up an administration-only console on a separate computer. An administration-only computer includes only Commerce Server Manager, and it connects to the existing Administration database.

You may want to use an administration-only computer if:

  • You want to use your existing computer with minimal installation. An administration-only computer has fewer software and configuration requirements than those for a full Commerce Server installation. You can use Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional as your operating system rather than Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.
  • You want the option of administering Commerce Server from different locations. Administration-only computers must be in the same domain or trusted domain as Commerce Server.

An administration-only computer must meet the following requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Server, or Advanced Server installed
  • 20 MB of hard disk space available
  • Connectivity to the existing Administration database

To install Administration tools only

  1. On the computer you have selected to be administration-only, run Commerce Server 2002 Setup, and then select Custom Installation.
  2. Verify that the Administration Tools option is selected for this installation, and clear all other options.
  3. In the Administration Database Configuration screen, do the following:
    Use this To do this
    SQL Server computer Type the name of the SQL Server on which you want the Administration database to be created.
    SQL user name Type a SQL Server login user name that has permissions on the SQL Server on which the Administration database is to be created.
    SQL password Type the SQL Server login password.
  4. Click Next, and then click Install.

Commerce Server Manager is installed on your computer.

To enable administration through a proxy server or firewall

  • Open port 1433 between SQL Server and the Administration-only computer.

By default, SQL Server listens on port 1433. For instructions about changing the port number, see SQL Server Books Online.

Ee785505.note(en-US,CS.20).gif Note

  • Although you can use Commerce Server Manager through a proxy or firewall, you cannot use Internet Services Manager through a proxy or firewall. To add IIS administration capability to an administration-only computer located on the far side of a firewall, you can use the browser-based IIS or Microsoft Terminal Services.

    For more information about using IIS, see the IIS 5.0 documentation. For information about using Terminal Services, see "Client Services" in the Windows 2000 documentation.

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