Planning for Deployment

Deploying Commerce Server 2002 and your Web site applications requires careful planning. Take the time to develop a comprehensive deployment plan so you will meet your business requirements in a timely and organized manner. Before you actually move your development applications onto a Web site, review the information presented here and in the Commerce Server 2000 Resource Kit.

More importantly, make sure your organization has developed its own plan, and that it includes input from business managers, system administrators, and site developers.

Deployment involves the movement of your Web site between three distinct hardware environments—from development, to test, to production. The following figure illustrates these environments in a simplified manner. The actual appearance of these environments depends on the size of your site and your business goals.

Development, test, and production environments

Before deploying Commerce Server 2002, make sure you have planned for the following:

  • You have determined which deployment scenario you will use as a model for implementing your own deployment.
  • You have a plan for scaling the deployment.
  • You have determined how you will maintain availability.
  • You have planned how you will monitor and update the phases of deployment.
  • An independent, outside company has completed a security audit of your site. Such a review is an effective means for discovering security risks.

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