Ad Concepts

Commerce Server supports two types of ads: paid ads and house ads.

  • Paid ads are pieces of content to be delivered by Commerce Server based on a specific formula for delivery referred to as Need of Delivery (NOD).

  • House ads are pieces of content that are served when paid ads are ahead of the Need of Delivery schedule specified for them. For example, a customer orders 1,000 paid ads to be delivered over four months, but in the first two months the ad has been served 850 times. To balance the Need of Delivery schedule, house ads would be served.

    House ads are critical to ensure the smooth delivery of your paid ads. House ads are also displayed when there are no paid ads eligible for the request. For example, a house ad would be served because all paid ads missed a required target.

    House ads can also be used to sell leftover inventory at discounted prices. They can also be used if the ads on the site do not have specific delivery goals, but you want to have the ads run at specified weights

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