Getting Started

Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 provides a set of tools for the site developer, system administrator, and business manager to develop, deploy, and manage commerce applications for the Web. The Getting Started topics are designed to familiarize you with the Commerce Server features and tools that you need to build successful e-commerce solutions that scale with your business needs and integrate with your existing systems and data.

This section contains:

  • Introducing Commerce Server 2000. Describes Commerce Server and the features that are new in this release. Describes how Commerce Server is accessible to people with disabilities.

  • Using Commerce Server Help. Describes the Commerce Server documentation, how to use it, and where to find additional resources.

  • Installing Commerce Server. Explains the hardware and software requirements for installing Commerce Server. Explains how to install and uninstall Commerce Server Business Desk.

  • Commerce Server Architecture. Describes how Commerce Server can be used with other .NET technologies. Describes the architecture of Commerce Server Manager and Commerce Server Business Desk.

  • Commerce Server Concepts. Describes key Commerce Server features and how they work.

  • Commerce Server Security. Describes key security features in Commerce Server.

  • Planning Your Commerce Server Installation. Describes the planning considerations you must address to ensure a successful implementation of Commerce Server. Describes the tools available for migrating a Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition site to Commerce Server.

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