Task and Object Mapping from COM to .NET

For developers familiar with the Microsoft Commerce Server COM object model, writing applications using the Microsoft .NET Application Framework can be challenging. You know the correct COM object or method to use for a particular task when you create an ASP-based site, but with the new Commerce Server Base Class Library (BCL) you have to learn a different object model to determine which classes to use for the same task for in an ASP.NET-based site. The mapping between a COM object and a Base Class Library object is not always one to one. In some cases the functionality of a COM object can now be found in a single method of a BCL object. This section describes the coding differences between ASP and ASP.NET-based sites for each of the major systems available through the BCL. It lists the most common COM objects for the system and their BCL counterpart. It also lists the most common tasks associated with each system, the COM object and the BCL object used to complete the task.

This section contains:

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